High Quality,High Efficiency, High stability, High Accuracy Vision Inspection System

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   Specializing in automotive and semiconductor industry visual inspection project. Such as the engine appearance of the automobile industry of the on-line detection, detection engine part semi-finished products; The appearance of the semiconductor industry, such as air conditioning chip packages before testing, appearance test after the chip packaging, chip components, soldering and so on detection; The appearance of the computer CPU chip packages before and after test; There are other industries such as chemical industry, food industry, textile industry, machinery industry and so on appearance test.

        FIVISION is a technology driven company specializing in the development of automated machine vision solutions. We offer one of the most cost effective PC-based vision systems through innovative solutions developed in-house. The high speed, high accuracy and highly repeatable system is the result of years of research of refinement from field tests. Today, our vision systems are installed Ford Automotive production lines.

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